World Bank Health Team Visit to Hematology Center

The World Bank Healthcare Team led by newly appointed head Adanna Chukwuma accompanied by the representatives of the Ministry of Health of RA, visited renovated Hematology center the reconstruction of which was carried out within the framework of "Disease Control and Prevention Grant" program. The World Bank Healthcare Team members consisted of the Senior Operations Officer Johanne Angers and the Program Assistant Gabriel Francis. The Hematology center director Prof. S. S. Daghbashyan presented to the guests ongoing activities and future projects of the Center.

Leading doctors of Hematology Center presented reports to the guests about the achievements of the Center during the past years, such as the first transplantation of stem cells in Armenia, the acquisition of the latest equipment, the introduction of new research methods and implementation of best clinical protocols in HC .


The guests visited different departments of the center, including Stem Cells and Bone Marrow Transplantation Department, where 5 adult patients have undergone bone marrow transplantation. In the near future, the process of pediatric transplantation will also be launched.


An anonymous survey has been conducted in the framework of the Health Care Modernization Project by the World Bank's healthcare team initiative. 209 patients and 107 healthcare providers participated in the survey. According to the dates, more than 95% of patients have given good and excellent assessment of the quality and conditions of provided healthcare and excellent attitude of healthcare providers. The healthcare providers are also satisfied with working conditions, equipment availability.