The head of the department: Nelly Musayelyan, PhD

The department of immune hematology carries out scientific, practical and production activity. 3 doctors and 2 laboratory assistants work in the department. The department of immune hematology is the clinical base of the Department of Hematology and Transfusion of YSMU. It also carries out the process of trainings in isoserology of laboratory physicians and assistants.

The main functions of the department are:

⦁ Creation of typified donors registry 
⦁ Transfusion support for patients of hematology center (children, adults)    
⦁ Transfusion support for patients of surgical, ICU, Maternity and other departments of hospitals in Yerevan and regions
⦁ Blood compatibility test for couples (ABO, Rh-Hr, HLA)
⦁ Immune donors selection for production of anti-D (Rho) rhesus immunoglobulin
⦁ Choice of donor-recipient pair for bone marrow and kidney transplantation

The department carries out the following blood examinations for donors, hematological patients and population in general:

⦁ Determination of blood ABO group by cross-method
⦁ Determination of blood ABO group in difficult cases
⦁ Determination of immune- ABO and Rh-Hr antibodies in breast milk
⦁ Determination of autoimmune antibodies by direct and indirect Coombs reaction
⦁ Determination of anti-erythrocyte antibodies (D, Cc,Ee, Kk, MNSs, P, Duffi,Kidd, Lewis, Lutheran) by indirect Coombs reaction
⦁ Determination of autoimmune antibodies by indirect Coombs reaction     
⦁ Immunological study for revealing the reasons of post transfusion reactions and complications
⦁ Determination of titers of autoimmune cold or warm antibodies
⦁ Selection of compatible donors for organ and tissue transplantation (cross-matching reaction) Selection of compatible blood components for transfusion
⦁ Determination of immunological compatibility of couples by red cell antigens ABO, Rh-Hr during the conflict pregnancies
⦁ Determination of immunological compatibility of couples by red cell and HLA system antigens     
⦁ Preparation of standard haemagglutinating serums O(I), A(II), B(III), AB(IV)
⦁ Preparation of ABO and Rh dilators for determination of АВО and Rh-Hr systems antibodies 
⦁ Selection of immune women for collection of immune plasma
⦁ Determination of titer of immune plasma and anti –D (Rho )
⦁ Determination of antiplatelet antibodies
⦁ Determination of compatibility of platelets by cross-matching method (Immucor Echo)
⦁ Determination of erythrocyte antibodies of bone marrow donor and cord blood 
⦁ Selection of appropriate donor for patient for a transplantation and post transplantation period. 

Laboratory’s examinations are done by standard ABO, Rh-Hr serums and gel technologies (DAY medical, Innovation Setters), as well as the laboratory is equipped by modern Immucor Echo Automated Analyzer, Invitrogel Test System devices.

Thanks to work of the laboratory many young couples are parents today. The timely diagnosis allows to get pregnant and to have a healthy baby. 


Professional Experience 

Since 2008 Head of Immune hematology department of Blood Bank, CJsC “Center of  Hematology named after prof. R.H. Yeolyan” MH RA

Since 2000 assistant, National Institute of Health, then in the Department of Hematology of YSMU 

Since 1977 laboratory physician, CJsC “Center of Hematology named after prof. R.H. Yeolyan” MH RA